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I hereby declare, on behalf of myself and my co-authors (if any), that:


[1] The article submitted is an original work and has neither been published in any other peer-reviewed journal nor is under consideration for publication by any other journal. More so, the article does not contravene any existing copyright or any other third party rights.


[2] I am/we are the sole author(s) of the article and maintain the authority to enter into this agreement and the grant of rights to IJCS Journals (IJCSEMAIL@GMAIL.COM) does not infringe any clause of this agreement.


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[3] The article contains no such material that may be unlawful, defamatory, or which would, if published, in any way whatsoever, violate the terms and conditions as laid down in the agreement.


[4] I/we have taken due care that the scientific knowledge, historical data, evidential artifacts, figures and all other statements contained in the article conform to true facts and authentic formulae and will not, if followed precisely, be detrimental to the user.


[5] I/we permit the adaptation, preparation of derivative works, oral presentation or distribution, along with the commercial application of the work. Copyright is given at the Organizational level level and so IJCS Journals can determine the journal in which the paper is to be published or change the journal at any  point in time in which the paper is to be published.


[6] No responsibility is assumed by IJCS Journals  its staff or members of the editorial board for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products instruction, advertisements or ideas contained in a publication by IJCS Journals




Copyright to the above work (including without limitation, the right to publish the work in whole, or in part, in any and all forms) is hereby transferred to IJCS Journals  to ensure widest dissemination and protection against infringement. No proprietary right other than copyright is proclaimed by IJCS Journals


Under the Following Conditions:


a. The services of the original author must be acknowledged;

b. In case of reuse or distribution, the license conditions must be clarified to the user of this work;

c. Any of these conditions can be ignored on the consent of the author.






I/We hereby certify that I/We am authorized to sign this document either in my own right or as an agent of my employer, and have made no changes to the current valid document supplied by IJCS Journals


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The Editor,

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